Welcome to Arizona Tax Lien Services. Our mission is to help investors benefit from the lessons that we have learned while investing our own money in Arizona tax liens. We also maintain a list of tax liens for sale from other investors, so if you are looking to buy or sell liens on the secondary market, check out our listings or contact us.

There is confusing and incomplete information about tax liens on the Internet, and there are many sites that want to sell you information that is actually available free of charge. We want to give you an overview of tax liens and tax lien investing and share with you resources that we have found helpful to us. Many investors pay hefty fees to attend seminars or buy “how to” books, but you will find that most of what you need can be found easily and without expense.  Check out the information in our blog posts and elsewhere on the site.  You should also spend time on the various official sites, as many of the counties provide extensive educational materials that will get you up-to-speed on how to buy Arizona tax liens.

In addition to the information provided on this site, Arizona Tax Lien Services offers a comprehensive range of services, both for experienced investors and for those that are new to tax lien investing. We welcome your calls and emails.