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Mohave County Tax Liens – Some Special Considerations

Like most counties in Arizona, Mohave County has a few rules and procedures that differ from those in other counties.

On the positive side, their GIS system is quite good, and, as of 2011, they are still paying February interest, which even Maricopa stopped doing earlier this year.  Also, you will find that the people in the Recorder’s office are among the nicest people you’ll find anywhere!

On the negative side, getting detailed information on outstanding CPs and their owners is difficult.  Mohave also passes through a $7 per CP charge to cover the cost of using the RealAuction platform, whereas other counties include such charges in the $10 non-refundable TIF.  Continue reading

June is Here – Don’t Forget to Subtax Your CPs

It seems as though we just finished entering and analyzing all of the data from the 2011 Arizona tax lien sales, and already it is time to pay the 2010 taxes on the tax lien certificates that we won in the auctions!

While you don’t have to subtax on June 1st – and in Arizona counties that allow multiple tax lien certificates you are not obligated to subtax at all – we find that subtaxing our highest earning tax liens in June helps bring up our overall portfolio return.  Continue reading

Bidder Fee with Mohave County Tax Lien Subtaxes

When investors pay subtaxes on Mohave County tax liens, they need to remember to add $5 to their check for each bidder number that is paying subtaxes.  This is in addition to the $5/cp subtax fee.  For example, if bidder #1200 is subtaxing 5 CPs, they would include $25 in subtax fees and another $5 for the bidder fee.  Mohave plans to send subtax bills out sometime in July, but CP holders can subtax now if they like.  In Arizona, subtaxes must be postmarked on or after June 1.

How to Get the Lists for the 2011 Arizona Tax Lien Auctions

So, the lists are starting to be published, you’ve read the information on the Arizona Tax Lien Services site about how to get the lists for the upcoming Arizona tax lien auctions, and … you’re still frustrated!  The information is out there, but it is not always as easy to find out when and where to obtain a copy of each county’s list of properties, so here is a primer.  Continue reading

Mohave Online Auction is Set For February 25th. Site Opens for Bidding February 4th.

Visit Mohave County’s tax lien auction site for details.  The list will be available online on February 4th, and will also be published in the Bullhead City Bee’s February 4th issue.

The auction site offers training and has all of the information that you will need to bid in the auction.

Practice for Coconino, Mohave and Yavapai Online Auctions

RealAuction has set up a training site with a new practice auction every day.  Currently RealAuction runs the online tax lien auctions for Coconino, Mohave and Yavapai counties.  As you will see on their site, they also run tax lien auctions for several counties in Florida and elsewhere.

Tax Lien Seniority

One of the attractive things about tax liens is that they are senior to most other obligations, including mortgages. So what does that mean to a tax lien investor? First of all, if the mortgage is large, relative to the value of the property, it is likely that the bank will redeem you before you can foreclose on the property — if the owner fails to do so. But it also means that if you do make it through foreclosure, the mortgages will be wiped out and you will not have any obligations to the mortgage-holders. Continue reading